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Why the End of a Workout isn’t Really the End.

THIS JUST IN exercising leads to the break down of muscle tissue and the weaken fibers. Millions everywhere wonder why they are told to exercise. It turns out the first sentence is true, which partly leads me into the topic of discussion: The end of a workout isn’t really the end. In this short post, I am actually going to claim that the workout is the first/beginning part of achieving physical fitness.

Nutrition nutrition nutrition. I’m not going to get into particulars because different diets work for different people. When you work out your body is indeed breaking down and needs nutrients to rebuild. Breaking down your muscles and body tissues also trigger a sort of defense mechanism which tells your body to grow in tissue size and tone. This also requires more nutrients. However, this does not necessarily mean you need to eat more if you exercise as most of the time exercise is used to loose weight. If this is your goal, then what you take in becomes a much larger concern. You still need to eat, but you also need to trigger your body into using its stored energy in fat cells.

Secondly, your body needs sleep and rest. Now that you have exercised and properly input body with sustenance. You need to let your body do what it does best–repair and build. The best ways to help you body accomplish this to sleep and stretch.


Now for the million dollar question: How come, no matter what I do, I can’t do [insert here] and good as [insert name here]. The missing part of fitness that nobody wants to talk about is genetics. Unfortunately, people cannot just be build, like something out of a Tim Burton film, defying many laws of nature in the process. How well and the maximum efficiency/ability for you to do something is partly already decided for you. For example in the video link above it talks about myostatin and maximum muscle mass. Part of you success has already been written for you, for better or for worse. You can go about this two ways. You can let this be the end of your workout and fitness plan (an excuse) or you can accept it, use it at motivation and TRAIN ON.

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Fitness: Comedians Need Not Apply

Have you ever heard of someone smiling their way into a physically fit state. Although there are obvious benefits to carrying a happier mood and viewing the lighter side of things, exercise does not play by these rules. Oftentimes, if you feel happy and comfortable while at the gym, you are doing something wrong. Humor and Exercise do not fit for two very fundamental reasons

Familiar with the story of Sisyphus? In Greek Mythology, this cunning king had even the wit to out do Zeus. Unfortunately, Greek Gods do no like to be one-up’d, so Sisyphus was sentence to roll a boulder up a hill only for it to roll away from him and back down the hill, deeming him to an eternity of pointless work. Why do tell  this story? Quite often people find exercise to a never-ending, pointless endeavor. They often turn to excuses, which leads to jokes and the whole “But then I’d have to get up” line of self separating humor ensues. If anything, making fun of yourself for being lazing is dark humor. Sure it may be funny, but substituting your health for a good laugh is no “laughing matter.”

Do you ever see professional athletes reading the funnies or making silly faces before they perform, didn’t think so. Happiness is a state of mind brought on by peace and enjoyment. One of the easiest ways to be happy is to not be mad, but what happens when you ARE mad…..exercise to the rescue. Aside from the endorphins and physical kick-backs of exercise, exercise can be an excellent mood improver, coping mechanism, and stress reliever. As the picture above explains, exercise give you an acceptable way to show your rage. Also, why not spend your anger by improving your overall health. Killing two birds with one stone is always nice, is it not? Next time your angry, wrap that closed fist around a dumbbell and Train On.

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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly: Technology and Fitness

Common knowledge tells us technology is advancing. As far as fitness and exercise are concerned however,the benefit of  technology remains vague. For this reason, I am going to address the good, the bad, and the ugly of how technology is influencing fitness in the modern age.



Yes, technology can be an excellent fortification to one’s workout. Today, there are many gadgets circulating the market which can greatly improve one’s satisfaction as well as their efficiency and motivation. When you have instantaneous measurements such as heart rate, steps, and distance, the feedback can drive one to new heights and self-orientated goals and challenges. Another great aspect of technology is its optional. Maybe today you just don’t feel like listening to music or strapping up the arm band. One of the fundamental components of fitness is variation, so there’s nothing wrong with a old-fashioned workout.


DISTRACTING. How often do you find yourself pausing a workout to change either the song or the channel or some other aspect of what should be helping keep working out? Don’t get me wrong, listen/watch on, but don’t forget what comes first–exercise. Technology, as convenient as it is, tents to be TOO convenient. The simple knowledge of knowing we can change the song (or whatever) in a matter of seconds leads us to telling ourselves to take that “quick pause” to make sure everything is “right.” Just remember another fundamental aspect of fitness, time under tension.


Watching television, playing video games, surfing the web, Twitter, Facebook, technology tends to facilitate a sedentary, often seated positioning of the body, which by the way is TERRIBLE. Technology addiction, as I am going to call it, has the nasty habit of being a selfish act. In theory, technology should help us do processes/tasks faster, allowing for more of them to be done in a given time; unfortunately, this theory falls apart in practice. In the movie, The Truman Show, the creator of the show, Christof, states, “We accept the reality in which we are given.” Don’t let technology’s first impression be that it makes things easier, let technology be something that allows you to do more. Technology often consumes time and leads to unhealthy habits and the absence of…you guessed it, exercise. The bottom line is we need to make technology work to increase productivity, not hinder it. Whether your workouts use advancing technology or not, don’t let the latest and greatest thing keep you from the little voice in your head telling you to focus on the workout. As always, TRAIN ON.

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Fear and the Incontinuous Fitness Plan of Man


Everybody means well, nobody wants to be physically unfit or unhealthy, so why does obesity and poor diet prevail? The problem most people would lean towards is either lack of time/money or laziness. For starters, both of these excuses are worthless. To back up what I am about to suggest, I urge you to look up the average amount of free time and dispensable cash/what it is used for statistics. The real reason people do not want to change their habits for the better is fear. Not a fear as in an Alfred Hitchcock sort of bone chilling suspense, but a derived fear. Changing to a healthy diet and or exercising more is uncomfortable. The previous sentence often never surfaces but in reality, being uncomfortable is what drives people back to their sedentary lifestyles. Being sore sucks when you have not worked out in a while; healthy food does not contain the flavor packed yumminess of convenient foods; making a home cooked meal takes A TON more work then going out to eat. People are not lazy by nature; they are just afraid of getting out of a comfortable laid back state.


In order to beat this, fear, there has to be much more planning and commitment than what most people expect. Losing weight at any age is best done gradually, through lifestyle changes. Setting two week, one month, or even three or four month plans will most likely only land you where you started. Why, because someone may attain their goal, then what? “Well I lost 30 pounds. I think I can go for a little dessert.” If someone, if you truly want to lose weight and keep it off you need to set long term goal and stick to them. Hopefully once you get going and have a taste of success you will find even more motivation to keep going. If not, use failure as motivation to press on. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Train On.

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The Truth Behind Weight Loss


CLICK HERE to learn how to lose 20 pounds instantly! Learn what doctors and physicians don’t know! Lose weight without the hassle of exercise! How many time have you stumbled across the “miracle food” or the “best diet plan out there” and other ostentatious claims while on the internet? There are hundreds of these claims circulating all around, yet none of them hit mainstream media or ever make it past their side bar advertisement status. These advertisements are lies, only gateway links to get spam cites their hits they need to make money. I know this is obvious, but there still remains the simple question of: What is the best/easiest way to loose weight? The truth behind weight loss can be as blurry as the truth in hollywood cinema such as Edward Bloom’s extravagant life stories in the Tim Burton movie Big Fish. As you will find out, there is no definite, long term “easy” way.


Alright here is the secret: There is no best, all encompassing way to loose weight. This conclusion derives from the simple fact that everyone is different. People vary in metabolism, age, gender, family history, lifestyles, body types, physical preconditions such as allergies or bad joints, and many other factors relating to how one adds, loses, or maintains weight. Yes, there are even accredited programs who’s advertisements air on television telling of miraculous stories of how so and so lost so much weight. Unfortunately, we only hear of the best results, so how can we be sure it will work for us, right? The best way to lose weight shouldn’t require pills or the monthly bill for food made from who know’s where. The facts of weight loss are often too painfully true and therefore easy to deny allowing for questionable, “miracle” techniques to catch the eye and blind people from the truth. Here is what I have found to be true about weight loss:

I hope the five conclusions help clear the gray areas surrounding the truth about weight loss. If you have any other diets/ideas feel free to comment. As always I would love to learn new things. Until then, Train On.




Why Entertainment and Fitness Don’t Have to be Contradictory


Ever since the invention of things such as the washing machine, people have begun receiving more and more free time. With this free time, comes the never-ending decision of how to spend it. However hard this first statement be to swallow, studies show it to be true. With the dilemma of how to spend free time comes the age old question of exercise. Unfortunately, exercise has often been ousted by the desire for entertainment. But why must these two stand separate from each other. Exercise doesn’t have to be the stereotypical, grueling workout that often comes to mind when “exercise” comes to mind; instead, exercise, especially in today’s world, can be connected to all types of entertainment, allowing for better health without the monotonous work.



After all, there’s only so much time in a day. How are you going to spend it?

For starter you need to find the workout that best fits YOU. If you do not find the workings of a barbell and metal platted weight room to be be your forte maybe the cardio elliptical/treadmill routine is for you. Having trouble with joints or muscles? Try swimming and or yoga. HERE is a list of the numerous exercises. Once you educate yourself on the many fitness opportunities available to you, it is time to spice it up with a little entertainment.

What is entertainment anyway? Entertainment, for the purpose of this article, will be seen as anything someone does for the sole purpose of finding joy or relaxation. So, what are some ways you can integrate entertainment into your workout? By far the most popular and basic entertaining workout supplement is Music. No matter what kind of rhythm you are into, there are many, increasingly easy ways to get a hold of portable music. Phones, iPods, and certain watches can now play music while you work out. Even if you can not afford these products music can still be accessed for free through programs such as Spotify. Not looking for music. Catching up on your favorite TV show or movies can be as easy as moving your workout to the living room. Who knows, maybe your elevated heart rate will enhance your ability to enjoy and take in a good film. Many important misc-en-scène elements in movies often go unnoticed, but maybe that adrenaline driven high during exercise will allow you to pick up the subtle elements of decor, lighting, space, costume, and performance. The point is you don’t have to sacrifice one to get the other. Entertainment and Exercise, now more than ever can be achieved simultaneously.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” – Jim Rohn

In the end, now amount of availability or motivation can truly drive you to making time for exercise. Like most healthy things in life, physical fitness is hard to achieve. I just hope you can find a way to get fit and maybe enjoy a little free time, at the same time. Train on.