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The Truth Behind Weight Loss


CLICK HERE to learn how to lose 20 pounds instantly! Learn what doctors and physicians don’t know! Lose weight without the hassle of exercise! How many time have you stumbled across the “miracle food” or the “best diet plan out there” and other ostentatious claims while on the internet? There are hundreds of these claims circulating all around, yet none of them hit mainstream media or ever make it past their side bar advertisement status. These advertisements are lies, only gateway links to get spam cites their hits they need to make money. I know this is obvious, but there still remains the simple question of: What is the best/easiest way to loose weight? The truth behind weight loss can be as blurry as the truth in hollywood cinema such as Edward Bloom’s extravagant life stories in the Tim Burton movie Big Fish. As you will find out, there is no definite, long term “easy” way.


Alright here is the secret: There is no best, all encompassing way to loose weight. This conclusion derives from the simple fact that everyone is different. People vary in metabolism, age, gender, family history, lifestyles, body types, physical preconditions such as allergies or bad joints, and many other factors relating to how one adds, loses, or maintains weight. Yes, there are even accredited programs who’s advertisements air on television telling of miraculous stories of how so and so lost so much weight. Unfortunately, we only hear of the best results, so how can we be sure it will work for us, right? The best way to lose weight shouldn’t require pills or the monthly bill for food made from who know’s where. The facts of weight loss are often too painfully true and therefore easy to deny allowing for questionable, “miracle” techniques to catch the eye and blind people from the truth. Here is what I have found to be true about weight loss:

I hope the five conclusions help clear the gray areas surrounding the truth about weight loss. If you have any other diets/ideas feel free to comment. As always I would love to learn new things. Until then, Train On.




3 thoughts on “The Truth Behind Weight Loss”

  1. I really liked your topic. It’s amazing that some people think there is “a magic pill” to do all of the work for you. Products like It Works show that with a magic wrap, you can lose a ton of weight, when in reality it is meant to be used with diet and exercise.


  2. I wish health/physical education classes actually taught us how to stay fit instead of making us hate exercise and misinforming us. If we had a better system in place, I doubt the obesity rate in America would be so high.


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