Logan’s Fitness Blog is written for those who wish to either view fitness from a different perspective or see how fitness is not as taboo as society makes it out to be.

The author, Logan Wagner, wishes the readers of his blog to walk away with not only a better understanding of the importance of fitness, but an understanding that everyday life can tie into fitness.


What do you mean by fitness? you may ask. Here Fitness is the pursuit of a healthier physical body. The blogs on this site will approach dieting, different workout realms such as running, swimming, and weightlifting as well as the mental effects of bettering one’s physical health.

Over the coarse of this current spring semester there will be around half a dozen posts relating aspects of life, such as entertainment, to fitness and well being.

As always, a fitness plan for one person is seldom the best plan for the next. Here multiple ideas for a workout or diet plan will be explored. The author does not wish to impose certain techniques or ideas on anyone. The purpose of this blog is to simply educate and hopefully open doorways for readers to try new things.