Mental FItness

Fear and the Incontinuous Fitness Plan of Man


Everybody means well, nobody wants to be physically unfit or unhealthy, so why does obesity and poor diet prevail? The problem most people would lean towards is either lack of time/money or laziness. For starters, both of these excuses are worthless. To back up what I am about to suggest, I urge you to look up the average amount of free time and dispensable cash/what it is used for statistics. The real reason people do not want to change their habits for the better is fear. Not a fear as in an Alfred Hitchcock sort of bone chilling suspense, but a derived fear. Changing to a healthy diet and or exercising more is uncomfortable. The previous sentence often never surfaces but in reality, being uncomfortable is what drives people back to their sedentary lifestyles. Being sore sucks when you have not worked out in a while; healthy food does not contain the flavor packed yumminess of convenient foods; making a home cooked meal takes A TON more work then going out to eat. People are not lazy by nature; they are just afraid of getting out of a comfortable laid back state.


In order to beat this, fear, there has to be much more planning and commitment than what most people expect. Losing weight at any age is best done gradually, through lifestyle changes. Setting two week, one month, or even three or four month plans will most likely only land you where you started. Why, because someone may attain their goal, then what? “Well I lost 30 pounds. I think I can go for a little dessert.” If someone, if you truly want to lose weight and keep it off you need to set long term goal and stick to them. Hopefully once you get going and have a taste of success you will find even more motivation to keep going. If not, use failure as motivation to press on. After all, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Train On.