Why Entertainment and Fitness Don’t Have to be Contradictory


Ever since the invention of things such as the washing machine, people have begun receiving more and more free time. With this free time, comes the never-ending decision of how to spend it. However hard this first statement be to swallow, studies show it to be true. With the dilemma of how to spend free time comes the age old question of exercise. Unfortunately, exercise has often been ousted by the desire for entertainment. But why must these two stand separate from each other. Exercise doesn’t have to be the stereotypical, grueling workout that often comes to mind when “exercise” comes to mind; instead, exercise, especially in today’s world, can be connected to all types of entertainment, allowing for better health without the monotonous work.



After all, there’s only so much time in a day. How are you going to spend it?

For starter you need to find the workout that best fits YOU. If you do not find the workings of a barbell and metal platted weight room to be be your forte maybe the cardio elliptical/treadmill routine is for you. Having trouble with joints or muscles? Try swimming and or yoga. HERE is a list of the numerous exercises. Once you educate yourself on the many fitness opportunities available to you, it is time to spice it up with a little entertainment.

What is entertainment anyway? Entertainment, for the purpose of this article, will be seen as anything someone does for the sole purpose of finding joy or relaxation. So, what are some ways you can integrate entertainment into your workout? By far the most popular and basic entertaining workout supplement is Music. No matter what kind of rhythm you are into, there are many, increasingly easy ways to get a hold of portable music. Phones, iPods, and certain watches can now play music while you work out. Even if you can not afford these products music can still be accessed for free through programs such as Spotify. Not looking for music. Catching up on your favorite TV show or movies can be as easy as moving your workout to the living room. Who knows, maybe your elevated heart rate will enhance your ability to enjoy and take in a good film. Many important misc-en-scène elements in movies often go unnoticed, but maybe that adrenaline driven high during exercise will allow you to pick up the subtle elements of decor, lighting, space, costume, and performance. The point is you don’t have to sacrifice one to get the other. Entertainment and Exercise, now more than ever can be achieved simultaneously.

“If you really want to do something, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.” – Jim Rohn

In the end, now amount of availability or motivation can truly drive you to making time for exercise. Like most healthy things in life, physical fitness is hard to achieve. I just hope you can find a way to get fit and maybe enjoy a little free time, at the same time. Train on.